Bellevue East Little League offers Tee Ball, Boys Baseball and Girls Softball programs for boys and girls age 4 - 14. No longer just a summer sport, Bellevue East Little League offers programs all year round...

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Bellevue East Little League - Softball All-Star Teams


Each year, Bellevue East Little League works to field softball All-Star teams for age levels 9-10, 10-11, Majors and Juniors.

Player Requirements & Commitments

In order for a player to be eligible for a BELL All-Star team, they must have played in a minimum of sixty percent (60%) of their teams’ regular season games during the then current year. Players must have also shown exemplary skills, aptitude and attitude during the regular season, and be recognized by their peers, Managers and Coaches for their playing excellence.



All-Star Selection Process

The BELL All-Star team selection is based on the process of using a selection committee comprised of league Board of Directors, regular season Managers/Coaches, and appointed All-Star Team Managers to vote for eligible players. Players may also have the opportunity to cast votes for other players within their Division of Play. The process for selecting players to All-Star Teams is based on methods determined to be the most fair and equitable for all player candidates.

All-Star team Managers shall be selected solely by the BELL League Board of Directors and President. All-Star Coaches shall be selected by the Team Manager.

All All-Star team player selections shall be administered and observed by the BELL League President, the Vice President of Rules & Ethics, and a third independent representative of the BELL Executive Board. Final All-Star rosters must be approved by the League President.


All-Star Team Commitment

Each player selected to a BELL All-Star Team, and their parent(s) and/or guardian(s) must be willing to commit to the schedule as set forth by the Manager and Tournament Official(s). Players should expect practices to be scheduled every day between the date of team selection and the tournament starting date.

Players are expected to attend every practice and game, and shall not be excused without valid reason. Unexcused or long-term absence, as determined solely by the team Manager, may be grounds for corrective action including removal of the player from the All-Star team.

All-Star practices and tournament games may continue into July or August of the then current year should a team experience continued success.


Minimum Playing Time

All-Star Tournaments are administered under official Little League Tournament Rules. This includes defining the minimum amount of time a player must play during a Tournament game. All-Star Managers are required only to play a player for six (6) consecutive defensive outs (fielding), and one (1) offensive at bat per Tournament game. IF a team carries 13 or more players, Managers are required to only play a player for one (1) offensive at bat per Tournament game.

This may mean that some players may only play the minimum amount of required play in one or more Tournament games. Decisions regarding playing time shall be at the sole discretion of the team Manager.


Required Documentation/Proof of Age & Residency

The following documentation will be required by Little League for all players who are selected to a Bellevue East Little League All-Star team. No exceptions shall be granted. All-Star Team Managers shall work with parents and/or guardians approximately 10 days prior to the start of the first tournament to gather and review these documents. BELL should have all required paperwork packets on file for players who have previously players in All-Star Tournaments.

  • Original Birth Certificate of Player (returned after affidavit approval)
  • Three (3) or more of the following documents (only one from each category), with current address, dated between February 1 of the then previous year and February 1 of the then current year:
Driver’s License - Financial Records - Voter’s Registrations - Support Payment Records - School Records - Medical Records - Welfare/Child Care Records - Military Records - Federal Records - Internet, Cable or Satellite Records - State Records - Vehicle Records - Municipal Records -  Employment Records - Utility Bills