Bellevue East Little League offers Tee Ball, Boys Baseball and Girls Softball programs for boys and girls age 4 - 14. No longer just a summer sport, Bellevue East Little League offers programs all year round...

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Bellevue East Little League - Baseball Program

Bellevue East Little League (BELL) operates several age/skill appropriate levels of recreational baseball. The program is open to both boys and girls.

Our programs are designed to teach players (and parents) the fundamentals of the game while offering a fun, team-oriented environment to develop good sportsmanship, leadership skills, accountability and physical fitness.

No longer just a spring-time activity, Bellevue East Little League offers programs through the spring, summer, fall and winter (indoor clinics & camps).

Players must live within, or attend school within the approved BELL Boundary to be eligible to play on a BELL team.


Players are placed on age and skill appropriate teams. All players must be League Age 4 to 14 years to participate. A player's "League Age" is their age on August 31st of the then current season. (CLICK HERE to view the official Little League age chart.)

For example,

  • If Jack was born April 15, 2008, his 2014 League Age is 6 because on April 30, 2014 Jack is 6 years old.
  • If Frank was born May 1, 2008, his 2014 League Age is 5 because on April 30, 2014, Frank is 5 years old.

Bellevue East Little League offers the following levels of play for baseball:

Level of Play Little League Division Age Group Evaluations Friend Requests
Tee Ball Tee Ball 4-5 No Yes
Single-A Minors 6 No Yes
Double-A Minors - Undrafted 7-8 No Yes
Triple-A Minors - Drafted 8-10 Yes No
Coast Minors - Drafted 10-11 Yes No
Majors Majors - Drafted 11-12 Yes No
Juniors Juniors - Drafted 13-14 Yes No



Skills Evaluations

Each year, Bellevue East Little League holds evaluations for all drafted level players. Evaluations help to determine a players overall skill and aptitude, while helping to identify strengths and weaknesses for managers and coaches. Evaluations are usually held each February. Evaluation results are confidential, and are not posted or published publicly.


Regular Season Play

The regular season typically runs from approximately mid-March to mid-June each year.

Players and families will be contacted by the league and/or their respective team Manager regarding practice schedules, game schedules, etc.

  • Tee ball events occur once per week, typically on Saturdays starting in late April.

  • Single-A and Double-A levels begin practices in early April. Players and families can expect 2 events per week at the Single-A level, and 2-3events per week at Double-A. 10 to 12 games will be played during the season.

  • Triple-A level begin practices in late March. Players and families can expect up to 3 events per week, and up to 12 games during the regular season.

  • Drafted Levels (Coast, Majors, Juniors) typically begin practices in early March. Players and families can expect up to 5 events per week, with 14 or more games in the regular season.

At the end of the regular season, Triple-A, Coast, Majors, and Juniors teams typically participate in a week-long City Tournament.



All-Stars is competitive, tryout-based post-season play for drafted levels that typically begins mid-June and follows Little League Tournament play rules and schedules. All-Star tryouts are held no earlier than the date announced by District 9.

Tryouts are open to all eligible Bellevue East Little League baseball players from the regular season. Teams will be formed based on the approved All-Stars selection process.